Salt Life Bluewater Tournament Recap

Salt Life Bluewater Tournament Recap

Team Astrikos Releases Two Blue Marlin and Get The Victory

The Salt Life Bluewater Tournament, the second stop of Sport Fishing Championship Series, concluded with an exciting display of skill and competition. Hosted by the Northeast Florida Marlin Association (NEFMA) in St. Augustine, this tournament attracted Atlantic teams vying for a spot in the prestigious Zane Grey Championship Playoffs. Despite sporty conditions, the tournament delivered on its promise of excitement and fierce competition.

The action kicked off on Thursday, May 9th, with teams launching from both St. Augustine and Mayport Inlet. Team Reel Therapy started strong, with Angler Nick Heisler releasing a sailfish at 8:41 AM to set the tone for a day of remarkable fishing, as his family-operated boat pursued their goal of qualifying for the playoffs. Later in the day, Riley Heisler caught his first-ever blue marlin at 12:27 PM, marking a milestone in his fishing career. Their total score was boosted by a significant 22.6 lb mahi, putting them at the top of the mahi leaderboard. Team Atrikos and Team Major Adjustment both made notable contributions on the first day, each releasing a blue marlin. Atrikos released at 2:01 PM, and Major Adjustment followed at 2:24 PM, keeping the competition tight.

On Friday, May 10th, what was supposed to be Day 2 of the tournament saw no boats fishing due to severe weather. A Day 4 was added on Sunday, May 12th, allowing teams the opportunity to select two out of three fishable days.

As the tournament progressed on May 11th, Day 3 saw Final Approval and Pez Vela making significant moves. Anglers Reid Parry and Hunter Parry from Final Approval each released sailfish early in the day, while Angler Cyrus Marshall from Pez Vela released a blue marlin at 8:42 AM. Astrikos also released their second blue marlin of the tournament, with Angler Fred Wainio catching the fish at 1:04 PM, elevating them to the top of the leaderboard.

On May 12th, the final day was packed with anticipation and intense fishing. Team Free Bird showcased their consistency with two sailfish releases, while Team Four Reels rebounded from early struggles to catch a sailfish at 10:20 AM. Team Seament had a standout moment, landing a blue marlin at 12:10 PM after a prolonged fight and securing a safe release. Pez Vela added another sailfish to their tally, maintaining their strong performance throughout the tournament.

The tournament concluded with Astrikos taking home the victory, thanks to their impressive two blue marlin releases, totaling 900 points. Reel Therapy and Pez Vela tied for second place with 550 points each. Major Adjustment and Seament tied for fourth place with 450 points, followed by Final Approval and Free Bird in sixth place with 200 points each. Four Reels, despite their efforts, finished in eighth place with 100 points.

The Salt Life Blue Water Tournament showcased incredible talent and dedication. Congratulations to all the participants and especially to Astrikos for their remarkable victory.

For a closer look at the action, fans can visit Sport Fishing Championship's social media handles and SFC+ on YouTube. A special thank you goes out to the sponsors: Salt Life, OluKai, Mercury, Fathom, Twisted Tea, One Water, OceanFoam, Castaway Coffee, and Everglades Fishing Company, for making this event possible.

As the Salt Life Bluewater Tournament comes to a close, the excitement and anticipation continue to build for the next stop in Sport Fishing Championship Series, the Walker’s Cay Open (May 30 - June 1).


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