SFC Sustainability and Eco-Responsibility Champion

BlueTide is proud to be the Sustainability and Eco-Responsibility Champion of SFC. BlueTide's mission is to influence, innovate, support and increase the eco-responsible economic impacts of a sustainable "Blue Economy" in the US Caribbean. SFC is the agency of record for BlueTide, working alongside the United States Department of Commerce and Development on new programs in the U.S.'s two Caribbean territories

BlueTide Caribbean Summit

“Blue Economy”

BlueTide’s Mission is to Influence, Innovate, Support, and Increase the eco-responsible economic impacts of a sustainable “Blue Economy” in the US Caribbean. 22 FADS WERE acquired by the blue legacy foundation, and in spring 2022, the Bluemanta vessel’s maiden voyage was the installation of the fads across the northern coast of Puerto Rico, approximately 3 nautical miles from San Juan. projects like the fad program create a waterfall effect that stimulates the local blue economy, in addition to providing new habitats for sea creatures. success can be measured through: - Fishing Tourism - Impact on the Local Economy - Angling Programs - increased Content & Media

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